Monday, February 21, 2011



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Monday, January 24, 2011

Shakeology VS. Slimfast.. (Posted by fellow coach Tom Birkenmeyer)

$4.00 per meal or $3.00 per meal w/ coach discount
Calories 140
Fat 1g
Protein 17g
Carbs 17g

Slim Fast
$4.50 per meal
Calories 190
Fat 6 grams
Protein 10g
Carbs 25g

This is an opinionated article on a comparison between Shakeology and Slim Fast but first let me give my well founded opinions some context with some factual information. Refer to the image below then continue reading.

The comparison is Sick in my opinion. Here is why...

Slimfast uses synthetic chemically manufactured ingredients that is harmful to the body and it costs more in absolute dollars than shakeology does. Shakeology is a Health shake / Weight Loss shake that contains 70 plus whole food ingredients carefully extracted from the earth to preserve all nutrient density. If you drink Shakeology you're literally getting more health for less money.

Now that we've got Absolute Dollars out of the way lets talk value. Even if Shakeology were to cost more than slim fast in absolute dollars, if you're health and living a good life has any importance to you, Shakeology wins. The comparison is Sick.

Slim fast has more calories than Shakeology but that's not even the important thing. The important thing is the quality of those calories. Slim fast is overly processed thereby severely degrading the biological value and density of those nutrients. In other words, you're not ready feeding your body because the calories in Slim Fast are largely empty. Shakeology is as nutrient dense as it can get. All 70 plus whole food ingredients are carefully extracted from the earth with as little processing as possible to maintain a 100% bio availability to the body. Translation: The calories in Shakeolgoy are so dense with highly biologically available nutrients that most people feel satisfied for 3 - 4 hours with just 70 calories of Shakeology. The reason Slim Fast, or a thousand calorie fast food value meal, doesnt fill us up is because the calories are absent of nutrients so the body is still saying "FEED ME" even after a whopping 1,000 calories!

Lets talk nutrient partitioning which signals the body on how to shuttle nutrients to and from fat stores and muscle! For every 2.5 grams of carbs in Slim Fast there is only 1 gram of protein without an exercise plan in place. If you eat the majority of your higher carb meals close to training, you selectively partition nutrients towards muscle and away from fat. If you eat the majority of your higher carb meals without being close to your physical training session (or any exercise in your life), you selectively partition nutrients toward fat and away from muscle. Shakeology has 1 gram of carb per 1 gram of protein. Add to that, shakeology uses yacon root as its main sweetener. Yacon root comes from the earth and has a low glycemic affect; making shakeology VERY diabetic and blood sugar friendly.

What this means is that you may loose weight using slim fast but without a comprehensive approach to Healthy weight loss you're going to loose too much weight from muscle, destroying your metabolism along with your ability to manage your weight (hello yo yo dieters RAPIDLY putting the weight back on), and your new physical appearance will be a skinnier Flabbier version of your former self instead of a thinner Leaner version.

The makers of Slim Fast is a company that depends on the ignorance of the consumer for it's business growth. If everyone knew what Slim fast does to the human body I believe most people would not touch it and they would go out of business if they didn't clean up their act.

If you would like to try Shakeology, get more health for less money than with Slim Fast, please contact your Independent Team Beachbody coach. If you don't have one let me know and I will help you get Shakeology. Talk to your coach, or me, about the 10% and 25% Discount options for more financial savings while you Get Healthy.

P.S. I know a LOT of people who have tried both Slim Fast and Shakeology. I haven't heard one opinion in favor of slim fast or even a single neutral opinion. The user comparisons are always the same. Slim fast is non filling where shakeology is for several hours. Slim fast doesn't taste nearly as good as Shakeology. Slim fast doesn't give you the kind of energy Shakeology gives you. One recent user feedback I got was from a user who tried slim fast again after a month of shakeology and nearly vomited, energy levels were way down, no satiety, just horrible. I have another user feedback who developed some serious health problems with her gall bladder from slim fast til she switched to Shakeology.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Team Beachbody!

Hello again all! I am certainly bringing it with P90X and loving it more than ever! It is still free to join as a coach, through this Friday! So hurry and check it out, so you can join my team and get in the best physical and financial shape of your life, plus get 25% off all Beachbody products! You WILL NOT regret it, trust me!

Also, have you tried Shakeology yet? I am totally hooked on the chocolate Shakeology! Being that I am one who doesn't really like to eat breakfast in the morning and I am told that it is the most important meal of the day, probably because it starts you day and you can either choose to start it right or wrong by what you put into your body! But, anyway It has over 70 ingredients in it, all healthy btw! Including your daily serving of fruits and veggies for those of us who don't always get the proper serving in on a daily basis. Plus, there are so... many neat recipes you can incorporate, so it never get's boring! Shakeology also comes in Greenberry flavor and I love hat in a tropical recipe or as mint chip! Yummilicious! You can check Shakeology out here:
I am currently on Day 65 of 90, of my P90X workouts and loving it!

So... in conclusion, If I can do it after 5 kids honey, SO CAN YOU! Let's Bring it together! TTFN!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My lot

myLot User Profile

Hello all! I decided to join Mylot! I mean, why not, it pays to share in discussions and help others and it is also a way for me to reach others and help them become physically and financially fit by joining me as a Team Beachbody Coach! Which is by the way, still free through the end of 2010!Not to mention that as a Coach you get 25% off of Beachbody products and as a club member you get to chat in the forum with other people just like you and there is so much support there! You are never alone in your journey! You also get a personal meal plan as a club member, which takes the guess work out of what you should be eating, how much of it you should be eating, ect.

We are always looking for new people to join our Team and happy family! Why wait for another New Year's Resolution to live your new healthy, fit lifestyle, when you van get ahead of the game and start RIGHT NOW!!

Also, are you one that doesn't like to eat veggies and you rarely get your full daily serving of fruits and veggies? Well the remedy for that is called Shakeology! As a matter of fact, it will change your health in 30 days or your money back! You can even jump start your weight loss with the Shakeology 3 day cleanse! So what have you got to loose? Check it out: 
There are tons of recipes for it and you will feel good throughout you day!

So until next time, take care, be safe and BRING IT!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010—Be Heard. Be Happy.

I joined smiley recently, where they will send you products from various companies to try out and even share with friends at times. Then all you have to do is share your feedback on the tested product with smiley, by logging in to your smiley account and sharing it. You can also earn smileys, (smiliey points), by sharing your feedback with others on Facebook and Twitter. You can check them out here:—Be Heard. Be Happy.