Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello All!

I Just wanted to say Big ups to BET for honoring Michael Jackson the way they did and how beautiful was it that Janet Jackson came to thank everyone for the love and support being showed to her brother?! I was in tears, as were many others. R.I.P. MJ.

I really hope you have checked out some of the work at home companies I listed. Please feel free to leave your comments, ask any questions or to just say hey, if you feel like it!

Mommy! Mom! Mama! I can't even count how many times a day I hear that. I joke with my kids sometimes and tell them I'm going to change my name because they call me so much! LOL! So I know all of you mommies have been hearing the same thing since most of the kids are out of school right now for summer vacation. So... I wanted to list some fun, inexpensive places to take the little critters, lol, so you can all get out of the house, breathe and not drive each other crazy all day.

I'm not sure how old every one's children are but Chuck E Cheese is a good place to go and they are usually located all over the place. It's cool and air conditioned, they can eat, play a bunch of games and get cool prizes and usually they aren't too old for it until they are like... well are they ever too old? I still play the games when I go there! LOL! Anyway, if you sign up for The Chuck E Cheese Email Club online at, they will send you some free coupons, for you to print out. It will save you a lot of $ on the pizza and get you some free tokens too. There are also some cool little rewards charts on their site for you to print out and keep up with your kids about, which also gets them more free tokens. They have rewards charts for completed potty training, cleaning their room and for good grades on their report card, just to name a few. You can also get coupons out of your Sunday paper, but I think the ones Chuck E Cheese emails you for joining their club are a lot better and save you more.

Another place is the Aquarium of the Pacific, in Long Beach CA. They have so much marine life there and right now through September 6, 2009, they are having their Discounted Shark Summer Sundays! After 5p.m. everyone gets in for the kids admission price of $11.95 and they have extended their hours so they are open until 10p.m. on Sunday nights. You can check the discount out here: or you can just browse their site at your leisure here: Otherwise, the regular admission prices are $23.95 for adults, children 3-11 $11.95 and Seniors 62+ $20.95. If you order your tickets online, you can save $5 per Adult ticket.

There is also Exposition Park in Los Angeles CA. where The Natural History Museum is located. There is so much exploring to do there and your kids will have a ball! Admission for adults is $9.00, for kids ages 5-12 it's only $2.00 and for ages 13-17 it's only $6.50. There are wild animals to view in their natural habitats, not live of course, but they sure do look like they are! There is also a lot on the history of people, birds and Dinosaurs! Sometimes they have Dinosaurs (mechanical), walking around and you can observe them up close and personal. There is also a part they have for the kids to do a fossil search, where they dig for Dinosaur fossils. There is an Amazon Rain forest exhibit that you can walk through too. So you will be there for a fun while, make sure you have all your juicies, little snackies and plenty of wipies to go around.

The California Science Center,, is right up the way from the Natural History Museum, still in the same park location. Admission is free but, you can make a donation if you'd like to. There are a ton of things to do there as well. They have permanent exhibits that are always there but, they are also always bringing in new ones, there may be a fee for some of their exhibits but, the majority of them are free. You can check out their site to see what is new at the time you are planning to visit them. They have a fun lab with a Science Arcade, Experiment with Science yourself, as well as watch some amazing science videos. There is also a Mc Donalds and Taco Bell inside of the California Science Center for your convenience, but packing your own lunch would be a great money saver. I usually pack sandwiches for us all or sometimes just for my hubby and I and I'll take lunchables for the kids, since they are complete with the meal, juice, snack and they have so many to choose from. Then I just bring extra snacks, juicies and water. My kids are even picky about water though so, I get the little water flavors from walgreens or the 99 Cent Store and put those in their water so it tastes all fruity, lol and they just love it.

Next, there is the IMAX Theatre, still in the same park, just across from the California Science Center. They have a HUGE screen and it makes you feel like you are actually inside of the movie! The movies they show vary, so you can check their site out at:

Trust me you will not be disappointed! Admission for adults is $8.00, children 4-12 $4.75 and ages 13-17 costs $5.75, unless you become a member, then you get more of a slight discount. Also, if you are in a group of 15 or more, they give you slight discount as well.

There is also the California African American Museum they have tons on African American History and Admission is free. There are a variety of different cultural masks, paintings and authentic headdresses from different parts of Africa, including West Africa for your viewing pleasure. You can learn a lot there or maybe just refresh some of the knowledge you already have about the African and African American cultures.

There is also The beautiful Rose Garden where you can sit in a beautiful Rose surroundings and enjoy the wonderful fragrances, not to mention the gorgeous fountain in the very center of the garden to top it off, as you eat your lunch and walk around with the kids and let them explore as well. They do however book a bunch of events there, like weddings and other special events, so if it is busy when you visit, you can still pass along side it and view it that way. You can't miss it that's for sure, its just there sitting pretty, out in the open.

You can also take go to your local YMCA where they have different classes and activities that are either little or no cost for you to share in with your munchkins. That way they will get tired out and get rid of some of their endless energy and maybe relax a bit when you get them back home. That is until they get their next energy burst ten minutes later, lol!

So have fun and I will look for more free and/or low priced outing adventures. Please let me know of any you may know about that I don't, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks a bunch!

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