Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Are you getting your "Me Time"?

"Me time", you may ask, "What's that"? That phrase used to be absent from my vocabulary and world too, unless I was complaining about how I never got any.
Trust me I know all about it, remember I'm a mother of 4, soon to be 5, (trust and believe 5 is the last one too, lol!), so I'm no stranger to not having enough hours in the day to get everything done, kids, cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, errands, grocery shopping, husband, working part time, just to name the basic daily tasks and taking care of me would rarely even make the list before, besides a quick shower and putting my eyebrows on so I didn't scare any unexpected visitors.

Well not anymore honey, because if you don't take care of you, you will be no good to yourself or your family. Now, I'm not saying start being selfish and run off and take a vacation by yourself or with the girls, although it'd be real nice, ha? lol! Seriously though, you are a very important person to your family as you should already know, because you mommy are the backbone who holds it all down and though we are not always at our best and feeling our best, somehow we still manage to get it all done and they count on us for that. So your "Me Time" is essential to your well-being and sanity!

My me time is not extravagant, but it's my me time and it may not be everyday, but it's at least 2-3 times a week! One of my favorite things to do during my me time, is to draw myself a nice hot bath, sometimes w/ bubbles, sometimes not, put my bath crystals or bath salts in there too. Gardenia and Lavender are very relaxing scents and Lavender is relaxing for your body. I then light my candles of course! Scented or not, that's up to you, but Gardenia and Lavender candles match with the bath crystals and have the same relaxing effect on your senses and mood. Mulberry, Honeydew or French Vanilla will work too or whatever your preference may be. Incense is wonderful too, or Glade scented Candles. I'm sorry, I just love candles! You can get them at your local 99cents Store or Bath and Body Works, you can also check out your local Botanica.

Anyway, a glass of champagne or wine is the perfect finishing touch, (when I'm not pregnant, otherwise Apple Cider, so I can pretend, lol!) and sometimes I will add my favorite slow jam CD to drown out the kids trying to disrupt my me time, lol! Their Daddy is in there with them and he can answer their 1001 questions! lol! But, honestly we have an understanding, my kids and I, that when mommy is having her me time, Daddy is on call unless they are deathly ill, or someone is dying or has lost a limb, lol and it is very necessary for mommy's me time for her to be a happy mommy who takes care of everyone else and just like they need and get their time to themselves so do I. It took them a while but they are getting better at it.

Before, my husband was difficult when my youngest child was first born and I was in the "I need to find my way back to me", stage, since I had just had a new baby and hadn't just been me for so long and I wanted to work out on my treadmill a little while after dinner to get back into shape then have a nice bath or shower, or some nights just do my bath thing, you know! Well, I couldn't get any time in because he'd complain about being tired from work, even though he had rested after coming home, since I never asked him to help with the baby or anything right when he got home from work and I'd be like well it's no picnic here all day either buddy! He swore the kids took care of themselves all day and the house did too and I guess dinner just up and cooked itself too. Anyway, I still got my me time, but it was after everyone was asleep. So some nights he would want to get it on, you know after all the kids were asleep, but oh no you don't, I told him! Since you didn't want to let me have my me time, guess what, I'm getting it now, love ya, goodnight, muah! LOL! He eventually changed his take on my me time after that happened for a few nights, lol!

I know some of you may be single mommies who read this, so even if you have to get your "Me Time", after your babies are asleep, Get It Girl!! You will be better for it! Not only for yourself but for your babies and workmates too. We tend to be a lot less grouchy or snappy when we take care of ourselves! Getting your hair and nails done is great to, but keeping it simple is also a wonderful thing if the latter isn't always available to us.

Here are a couple of places when you can really get a whole day of "Me Time":

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa- Wonderful place to visit for the day. They offer natural surroundings , complimentary robe, slippers, towels and their prices are very reasonable, starting at just $25.00! They also have a variety of other packages you can choose from. You even get in free on your birthday or when you are pregnant!! Check them out here:

Burke Williams, although a little pricier, but not too much for a Gorgeous spa really, is another great place for you to check out for a day of your "Me Time". They offer a variety of massages and body wraps, just to mention a few of their services. You can check them out here:

So, I just wanted to remind you to get that "Me Time" ladies, because I know how easy it is to be last on your own list, if not left off of it completely.

Take Care of you and TTFN....

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