Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cha Cha and KGB

I wanted to mention a couple of other companies that I work for as an Independent Contractor, called Cha Cha and KGB. They are both great companies to work for with some similarities, like the fact that you work from home for them on your computer and they are both text answering services, but they are really quite different from each other.

I will talk about KGB first since they are currently hiring and Cha Cha is not. KGB is a text answering service, where people can text any question to 542542 and get an answer back in reply. When you work for KGB as a a Special Agent, you are the one who answers the questions that come in as part of the team of other special agents answering questions as well.

I have been working with KGB for less than a month now, and not very often, since I just wanted to give them a try to try to earn some more extra money. However, I think that I may start to work a bit more often with them since you can earn $ pretty quickly in your spare time, for a few steady hours. As a Special Agent, they pay you 5 to 10 cents per question. 10 cents is per question you actually have to look up and answer and 5 cents is when you can reuse an answer to a question that has already been answered before or use an automated response.

You will have to take and pass a few tests to be able to come on board with KGB. Don't worry, if you do not pass the first time, they will give you another try after a while. After you pass your first tests, you will have some training on their system and your work duties and how to perform them, along with a few final tests. The last tests are easier since you have the training aids at your disposal to refer to for the needed answers.

You are usually required to schedule your hours through their schedule site ahead of time and then they will send you reminder emails for your scheduled work time. However, they do get rather busy at times and they will allow you to just go ahead and log into the work site and start taking questions when there is heavy traffic, with out having to have a set schedule to work previously set. That and much more will be explained to you during your introduction to the company and your training. You can check them out at

Now I will tell you about Cha Cha, another text answering service where anyone can have their questions answered by texting their question to 242242. I have been doing the Cha Cha for a few months now and I really like it! They are a great company to work with, however as I mentioned, they are not hiring at this time. They do have a few different positions that you can apply for once they are hiring again though. I am an Expeditor. I categorize and route the questions that come in to the guides so they can then answer the question. You will also need to take a test for the position you apply for. Pay varies for each position. The pay for an Expeditor is 3 cents per question categorized and sent. So it takes a bit to add up, but trust me it does add up, because their traffic is crazy. They will also send you email alerts when they are having high traffic, so that if you are not logged on, you can hurry up and get logged on and get your piece of the pie. There are all kinds of cool and crazy questions you will get coming through at Cha Cha, which makes your job very interesting and fun. You do not have to sign up for a work schedule since you set your own hours with Cha Cha and you can just hop on anytime and start taking questions! They are so... flexible.

With KGB there are certain questions they choose not to answer, with Cha Cha they will pretty much answer anything as long as it's not against the law. With Cha Cha you must take the questions as they come to you, with KGB you can choose which questions you want to answer. So there is a little more flexibility there with that also. They both run great contests to earn a little extra pretty often. Cha Cha has a Cha Cha debit card you can apply for to recieve your payments at the click of a pay me now button on their site or you can also be mailed a check once your earnings reach a certain amount. KGB requires your earnings o get to a certain amount before you can receive your payment. However if you haven't reached that limit for a certain amount of time, they will go ahead and send you your payment anyway.

I would recommend you try them both out to see which one you like best. You may like them both like I do or you may choose to only work for one. As i mentioned Cha Cha isn't hiring at the moment, so you could go ahead and give KGB a try and see how you like them first. then apply to Cha Cha later. Good Luck! And please free to ask me any questions at all.

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