Sunday, July 5, 2009

Real Paid Surveys and PTR's

Hello again! I know you are probably always hearing about all of these different survey sites and advertisements that claim to pay you for either completing "short" surveys or filling out forms and how you can make so many hundreds and thousands of dollars and you are wondering which ones actually pay and which ones don't.

Well, I will tell you from experience that you can make some spare cash, but you will not become strinkingly rich or anything like that, just from taking free paid surveys. There are a lot of "paid survey sites" that require you to sign up for offers, often using your debit card for a trial charge of $1 to $3.99 or even more sometimes depending on the offer you choose to sign up for. I personally stay away from those, even if they do offer you a sign up bonus of $5.00 or whatever, It isn't worth it to me personally to have my credit card/debit card info being used all over the place to sign up for all these offers, just to then go through the headache of having to cancel them before the trial period runs out and my card is then charged for the full amount.
Some say you may just want to get a separate prepaid card that you use specifically for signing up for the trial offers, which is fine so that no one will have access to your regular, personal credit/debit cards. However, as I mentioned before that is just too... much of a headache for me, when I can take paying surveys that don't require any credit/debit card or any fees at all for that matter and that will actually pay me for just that, completing surveys. But, to each his/her own.

So, the following survey sites that I am going to list here, are all sites that I have personally been paid by already. I usually take the surveys in my spare time or as they come to me by email. Some of them allow you to cash out at a lower amount than others and some take longer to accumulate the cash out amount than others, which usually depends on your interests and the surveys that come available that fit those interests, which you will specify when you sign up for the survey site(s) you choose. Some of these sites require you to have a Paypal account, so they can transfer your earnings into it. It is a free account and you can also apply for a Paypal debit card once you need it, for easy access to your $. You can get your free Paypal account here:

Global Opinion Panels - Survey invitations are sent to you by email and you accumulate points which transfer into cash. It adds up rather quickly if you respond to all or at least most of their surveys. Even if you don't fit the criteria or specific group they are looking for on a particular survey, you still receive 50 bonus points just for trying! Once you have enough points to transfer into $5.00 minimum, you can cash out and you will receive your check by mail. Paypal is not yet a payment option.

Mindfield Research -You can cash out on this one when you have earned $5.00 and they do send you a lot of email invitations. However sometimes you will not qualify for the targeted group they are looking for to complete their surveys for whatever reason, so you may not be able to take a lot of their surveys in a very short time. But as I mentioned, they do send you a lot of invitations to take their surveys so the more you respond to, the better you chance you will have of getting to the ones you do qualify to complete. You can choose to receive your earnings by either Paypal or they will mail you a check.

Pinecone Research - They are awesome and they always pay! You receive your survey invitations by email. They do not send out too many surveys but they are consistent, sending out at least 4-5 per month. The Average minimum earnings per survey is $3.00, which is paid soon after each qualified and completed survey. You do not have to wait for an amount to cash out. Paypal is required in order to receive your earnings.

American Consumer Opinion Panel (ACOP) - This is another great survey Co. they send you email invites for their surveys and you may also be asked to try out products in your home as well. I have doneand stil do both. The average earnings for their surveys are $4.00 and for testing products, usually $7.00 and up, plus you get to try out a product and give your input for free! Earnings are accumulated and saved in your ACOP account on their member site and you can cash out by having a check sent to you by mail anytime you request it and It gets to you pretty quickly, from my experience. They do not offer Paypal as a way to receive your earnings at this time.

Your 2 Cents - Survey invites by email and payment is made by check in $10.00 increments or earnings can also be redeemed for Amazon vouchers. They send survey invites often, though you may not always qualify for every one.

Survey Savvy - Points are accumulated for completing surveys which you can redeem for cash. They send out invites at a steady pace per week. The minimum payout you can request is $1.00. Currently all payments are sent in U.S. currency and mailed in the form of a check. Paypal is not currently an option.

Now I'd like to list some PTR's or Paid To Read's I've been paid by. With these you get paid to read emails or advertisements and business ops. Again, you are NOT required to purchase anything at all.

Hits4pay - You get a $10.00 sign up bonus. You are sent an email when advertisements are available for you to view that fit your interests. Again, your interests will be determined when you sign up and the advertisements you view will pertain to those interests. The minimum cash out amount is $25.00. Each advertisement you view is worth .02 cents and you must view it for a few seconds in order for it to be credited to your account. It sounds like a little, but with all the ones you will receive, it does add up. It does take time, but they do pay. Paypal is required to receive your payment.

Send Earnings - $5.00 sign up bonus and you get paid to read emails, play games, take surveys and to sign up for offers if you choose to, but you are not required to. As I mentioned before I refrain from doing the latter for my own reasons, but to each his own. You are not required to complete offers and you can earn money just fine by playing games, taking surveys and reading emails or either of those. The minimum cash out amount is $30.00.

Inbox Dollars - This site is similar to Send Earnings. You also get a $5.00 sign up bonus and you get paid to read emails, play games, take surveys and to sign up for offers if you choose to, but you are not required to. As I mentioned before I refrain from doing the latter for my own reasons, but to each his own. You are not required to complete offers and you can earn money just fine by playing games, taking surveys and reading emails or either of those. The minimum cash out amount is $30.00.

Dealsncash - This one adds up quickly and they give you a sign on incentive too! They are similar to Hits4pay.

Clixsense - You may or may not have heard of them. They offer a variety of ways to make some extra $. The main way I make $ with them is by reading advertisements or paid emails, which you log into their site to view. They pay a couple of cents each, and it takes a while if that's the only way you choose to earn from them, but it does add up. I am exploring some of the other ways they offer to make $ and I will keep you posted as I become more familiar with them.

Adbux - This is a site I am new to. They offer free and paid offers for you to sign up for and each one pays a different amount once completed. I have only tried the free survey offers. Check them out and understand their site and what they offer before just signing up, this may or may not be something you are interested in.

Neobux -Another PTC site I just started with and they seem pretty cool. I will keep you updated as I go along.

All mommies or just ladies in general, go shopping in some form or another weather we love it or not. So, Here is another Company that is a little different from the others. It is called The ACNeilson Homescan Panel. They send you a scanner that you use to scan purchases you make at the market, gas station, when you shop etc. and you transmit them back to the company using your computer. They send you everything you need in the mail. They also have you take surveys for them as well, either through the scanner or by email. They have a gift program with a bunch of different gifts, like electronics, appliances, kid stuff, travel aids and a bunch more and you exchange your points from your scans for those gifts. I enjoy it and if you'd like to give them a try, you can check them out here:

So that's about it for now. Just a couple of final key notes. Usually if you are inactive or do not take surveys for a few months or respond to your PTR's, they will stop sending you invites and your account will become inactive and you may or may not be able to reactivate it, depending on their terms.

Please remember that for all of these survey and PTR sites, that since they do not take taxes out of your payments you are solely responsible for reporting any income you earn through them and paying the appropriate taxes.

Again, please do not expect to get rich because that just isn't going to happen by taking part in these surveys. However, you can earn some realistic extra cash in your spare time without having to pay for it! So Good Luck and Have Fun!

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