Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"We want a Lady in the street, but a Freak in the bed".

I'm sure you have heard that line before, especially in a Ludacris song or two right, lol! Well, some men want it all don't they? Some may not even really care about how you their lady feels about that.
But, ladies... it can actually be really fun to turn on that alter ego and bad girl personality once in a while. In the process, you can be that freak he wants and take some of your extra frustration out on him at the same time and he won't be mad at you for it, trust me.

In my opinion, a woman should love to or at least try to explore her freaky side once in a while. It will make you happy to bring out a different side of you and to have him in a trance hanging on your every movement and word and it will just thrill the heck out of your man! I know I am not saying anything new, or telling you something you don't already know, but I also know some women may be shy or resent their man for trying to bring that freak out of them and it's not their fault it's their man's for not knowing how to go about it the right way! I am a woman who likes to surprise my man, I wouldn't like being asked how come you never, or why can't you? Unfortunately lots of guys do that. So why not just beat him to the punch??

I spoke about my goodie box in one of my earlier posts. What that is, is a little box full of lotions, massage oils, creams, "certain novelties", savories, etc. that I keep put away in my lingerie drawer. You know what I mean. I get them from a couple of different places I shop online which I will mention in a bit, very inexpensive by the way.

So Anyway, first you have to feel sexy within yourself in order to bring that sexy out to him. The way I do that is by taking care of me, making sure I get my me time, so I feel good about myself, then I can give him some time and get some more me time in the process, lol! Other simple ways to feel sexy and beautiful are:
1.) Pampering yourself once in a while with a mani/pedicure
2.) Give yourself a homemade avocado mask
3.)Wear sexy underwear
4.) Laugh a whole lot
5.)Finally, just know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! and that will shine throughout you and others will see that too. Enjoy your sexy and he will enjoy it more.
So just walk around all day in your sexy mode and let him just enjoy you being sexy when you are together and then when it comes time for you to put it on him, you will be so confident you may even surprise yourself! lol!
To set the mood, depending on the mood you are looking for, I love to get the synthetic roses from the local craft store or my local 99 cent store, (yep I said 99 cent store) and I pluck the roses off of the stem and spray a bit of his favorite perfume or fragrance on them and then put them all over the bed, or in a bubble bath tub if we will be bathing before we get down to it. Great for foreplay by the way, not to mention a blindfold massage with your soothing oils, a sensual, sexy lap dance or even a strip tease and don't you dare forget about role playing in your sexy costume girl! Remember your favorite slow jams, candles and/or incense. Most of all just have fun and enjoy him enjoying you! Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do...! LOL!
For Goodie Box Contents: (under sexy extras) (some things are more expensive than others here)
All of the above mentioned places carry costumes as well, but the places listed below have a little more variety.
Homemade Avocado Mask( : Step 1)Mash up the "meat" of an avocado in a large bowl until it is creamy.
Step 2) Add a few drops of vinegar and mix it together thoroughly. Do not add more than a few drops of vinegar.
Step 3)Spread evenly over face and neck, either using your hands or a spatula tool. Let sit for 15 minutes.
Step 4)Rinse off with warm water and towel dry your face by blotting, never rubbing.
Step 5)Once thoroughly rinsed and dried, follow with a cool water rinse to close pores. Again, towel dry your face by blotting your skin, not rubbing.

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